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Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

soal bahasa inggris kelas 8 semester 2

Jln. TGH. Muhammad Arief-Kuripan Timur

A.    Choose the correct answer by crossing a , b , c or d !
1.        What do you say when same one asks your opinion ?
a.       What do you think of …                                c.   I think …
b.      What are your views …                                  d.   If you say so …
2.        Andi         : I want to take my pill …
Budi         : Sure ! A minute, please
a.       Do you want some ?                         
b.      Can you take my to the doctor, please ?
c.       Can you gate me a glass of water, please ?
d.      Will you buy it for me, please ?
3.        What’s your opinion about using the internet
a.       I think the internet is very useful                   c.  This is not good
b.      I think the internet is bad electronic              d.  Very bad
The dialogue to questions number 4 – 5
Any          : polo, can you help me, please ?
Polo          : sure ! what’s wrong, Any ? you look sick.
Any          : I’ve got a headache, and my body feel could
Polo          : what ? here, I have  a thermometer, let me check your temperature, you have a :fever. You temperature is quite high , I suggest you to see a doctor.
4.         What happen to Any in dialogue
a.       Any was stomachache                                   c.  She had a toot ache
b.      Any was sore throat                                       d.  She had a head ache
5.        What does Polo do for Any ?
a.       Check temperature                                         c.  See a doctor
b.      Buy some medicine                                        d.  Take some medicine
The letter for question number 6 – 8
Jalan sriwijaya 2
Semarang 40252
29th july
Dear miss titik
Selina wasn’t at school yesterday because  she was at the dentist. She had a toot ache.
Your sincerely

A.       Hasbullah
6.        Who wasn’t at school yesterday
a.       A. Hasbullah                                                  c.  Miss Titik
b.      Selina                                                             d.  Mr. Salman
7.        What was the matter with Selina
a.       She had a flu                                                  c.   She had a stomachache
b.      She had a sore throat                                                 d.  She had a toot ache
8.        Who wrote the letter for miss titik
a.         Mr. salman                                                    c.  A. Hasbullah
b.         Selina                                                            d.   Miss titik
The monologue for questions number 9-13
I went to  Rahman’s house yesterday to do homework. I went there with Dodi. After finishing the homework, Rahman made Rujak. Rahman likes spicy food, so he made it very spicy. Actually, I’m not used eating spicy food, but yesterday I could not restrain my self from eating it. The rujak was very tasty. Although it was spicy. I ate it too much. The next morning, I got stomachache and I could not go to school.

9.        When did the writer go to Rahman’s house
A. Last week                                                        c. Today                     
B. Tomorrow                                                        d.yesterday
10.     Why did the writer go to there ?
a. To do homework                                              c. To dinner
b. To do made rujak                                             d. To playing
11.    Whom did the writer go with  ?
a. Rahman                                                            c. Dodi
b. Doni                                                                 d. Arman
12.    Whom made rujak….?
A. Rahman                                                           c. Dodi
B. Arman                                                             d. Doni
13.    Why did the writer not to school the next morning.?
a. Toot ache                                                          c. Sore throat
B. Stomachache                                                   d. Head ache
14.    Nina         : hi, Tom. How was the concert
Tomi         : hi Nin. Yes, I t was great. You should go and see their second performance
Nina         : ……………..? I’ll go and see it then
a.    Hold an please                                                 c.  See you then Bye
b.    By the way                                                      d.  Wow, really ?
15.    What are the two people in the pictures doing ?
a.   Conversation an telephone                              c.  Dialogue
b.    Reading                                                           d.  Start conversation
16.    What do you think they say to start the conversation
a.    By the way                                                      c.  Furthermore
b.    Hold on please                                                d.  Hello, How are you
17.    What do you think the to end the conversation
a.    Can I speak to …                                            c.  I see you letter
b.    May I speak to                                                            d.  Hello this is …
The picture to answer questions number 18 – 20
Oval Callout: Yes of course, could you take these?

Rounded Rectangular Callout: Need some help, tedi?

18.    Who needs some help ?
a.    Tedi                                                                 c.  I’m
b.    Friend                                                              d.   They
19.    What does his fried say ?
a.    Yes of course                                                  c.  Thank you
b.    Could you take these ?                                    d. need some help, Tedi ?
20.    What does he say to respond to the offer ?
a.    Need some help, Tedi ?                                   c.  Do you agree ?
b.    Yes of course. Could you take these.                         d.  why not

Text for number 21 - 25
Last month we had a long holiday. My family went to Mount Bromo. It’s so beautiful. We
really had an unforgettable experience. We went there by car. We reached Cemoro Lawang in the evening. Then, we took a rest in an inn. We decided to see the sunrise in the next
morning. Seeing the sunrise from the peale of a mountain is annusual event. It was more
21.  When did the writer have a long holiday ? They have a long holiday …..
a. Last year                                                           c. Last week
b. Last holiday                                                     d. Last month
22.  Where did they do ? They went to …..
       a. Mount bromo                                                   c.  Mount tangkuban perahu
       b. Mount tidar c.                                                  d.  Mount rinjani
23.  How did they go there ? They went there by …..
a. Motorcycle                                                       c. Car
b. Plane                                                                d. Train
24.  When did they see the sunrise ? They saw the sunrise …..
       a. In the next week                                              c. In the next day
       b. In the next month                                            d. In the next morning
25. We really had and unforgettable experience .
       The bold italicized word mean …..
       a. Pengalaman indah                                            c. Pengalaman tak terlupakan
       b. Pengalaman pertama                                        d. Pengalaman tak terjadi

B. essay
The notice for questions for number 1-2
Favorite stories
Good news for bookworms
pay only Rp: 3000.000 for a set of
story book in English and bahasa Indonesia.
      All books written by our
  internal writers
  if you buy now, you get 10%
 discount an this fantastic offer!
1.        What is the purpose of the notice favorite stories ..
2.        How much purchases for discount
The picture to answer questions number 3-5

3.        Where do you think the boy in the picture
4.        What happened to the boy .?
5.        What treatment does he have?

Good luck

1.    B
2.   C
3.   A
4.   D
5.   A
6.   B
7.   D
8.   C
9.   D
10.  A
11.   C
12.  A
13.  B
14.  D
15.  A
16.  D
17.  C
18.  A
19.  D
20. B
21.  D
22. A
23. C
24. D
25. C

1.    Favorite stories
2.   10%
3.   In the hospital
4.   He is being treated in the hospital
5.   He have to opname in hospital

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